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GLADE Sport Ocean Escape Starter 7ml

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GLADE Sport Ocean Escape Starter 7ml
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GLADE Sport Ocean Escape Starter air freshener gives you a refreshing fragrance, with the fresh scent of green apple and melon that provides a relaxing ambience throughout your car. Simply clip Glade Sport to the air vent and adjust the control for the amount of fragrance you desire.

• Long-lasting freshness.
• Eliminates odor.
• Car will smell great up to 75 days.
• Small and easy to use.
• Available in Ocean Escape fragrance in 7ml size.
• Fragrance refill available.
• Good quality and value for money.

• Slide metal clip onto the back of the diffuser.
Note:  Set clip either horizontally or vertically to fit your car vent.
• Twist bottle to open the diffuser.
• Keep bottle in an upright position at all times. Unscrew cap. Remove and discard wick cover. Replace cap.
• Place the bottle in the diffuser and close firmly.
• Clip the diffuser onto one of the car vent blades. Not Between the Blades. Check if the diffuser is secured and is in an upright position.
•  Adjust fragrance level as desired. (0 - low, 1 - medium, 2 - high).

Important: Ensure that the Glade® sport™ unit is an upright position when installing. Do not tilt Glade® sport™ unit more than 45 degrees to avoid perfume leakage that may cause subsequent damage to certain car surfaces.

Safety: Keep out of reach of children and pets.
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