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TACTIX Tin Folding Plier (75mm)

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1 piece of TACTIX Tin Folding Plier (75mm)
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The TACTIX Tin Folding Pliers are a specialized tool designed for bending, seaming, and flattening sheet metal. Here are the key features of these pliers:

Function: The Tin Folding Pliers are primarily used for working with sheet metal. They are ideal for tasks such as bending edges, creating seams, and flattening metal sheets to achieve precise and clean folds.

Jaw Width: The pliers have a jaw width of 75 mm (3 in.), which provides ample surface area for gripping and manipulating the sheet metal effectively.

Versatility: These pliers are commonly used in metalworking, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) installations, roofing, and other applications where sheet metal needs to be formed and shaped with precision.

Durable Construction: The Tin Folding Pliers are built to be durable and sturdy to withstand the pressure and force applied during metalworking tasks.

Comfortable Grip: They are designed with ergonomic handles that offer a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.

Overall, the TACTIX Tin Folding Pliers are a valuable tool for anyone working with sheet metal. Their ability to bend, seam, and flatten sheet metal with accuracy makes them essential for achieving professional results in various metalworking projects.

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