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BUSTER Multifunctional Hand Air Pump With Scale And Adaptors 5432B

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Professional performance high pressure manual Air Pump

RM 23.49

When there’s no electricity and all things fail, it is good to have a manually function tool as backup.
The BUSTER Multifunctional HandAir Pump with Scale and Adaptors 5432B is a professional performance high pressure manual air pump.
It is extremely versatile with multi-purpose valve and adaptor, easy to use with an ergonomic handle for comfortable grip, and comes with a scale for a more accurate pressure measurement.
This manual air pump has a steel base for extra stability yet lightweight, making it extremely portable and easy to store.
Invest in this Multifunctional HandAir Pump today!

With versatility, close-like design and firm shape.
Easy to use.
High quality product.

- Ergonomic handle for easy grip
- Soft and easy to pump
- Made of quality seamless steel
- Steel base for extra stability
- Lightweight, portable and easy to store

- Max pressure 7Bar / 100PSI

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