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CARSUN Four-sided stretch Car Cargo Net 70x70cm

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A convenient elastic cargo net available.
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Do the things in your car boot keep moving around while you drive? CARSUN Four-sided Stretch Car Cargo Net will help to keep all your items in place! This four-sided car cargo net has high elasticity and high wear resistance, making it suitable for most car boot size. It is suitable to store groceries, sports equipment, car supplies and etc. Add this CARSUN Four-sided Stretch Car Cargo Net to your cart today and protect your precious groceries and belongings from any potential damage when you drive!

A four-sided stretch with high elastic, environment-friendly and high wear resistance car cargo net.
Suitable for boot of car, SUV, vans and trucks. Wide covered area to keep the things in place in a car.
Suitable to store groceries, sport equipment and car supplies.

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