ZEPHYR KNIGHT Bird Toy Pet Electronic Singing Moving Chirping

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1 piece of bird toy pet electronic singing moving chirping
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The newest bird toys in the form of a funny equipped with a cage, and there are plants & insects and wood in it. Long bird size 9 CM with 6 CM height. These bird toy designed cute & attractive with birds that can whistle and babble like real birds, their wings and tails can also move while vocalizing, there are some beautiful bird whistles and lights on the base. Thisbird toy is perfect for your child who loves birds as a substitute for the original animals, suitable also for the collection of displays in the house. Lightweight plastic material safe, using 3pcs battery AA (not included).

Colourful parrot in cage.
Lifely bird, the beak, neck and body can moves.
Sound activated by clapping hands, whistle or gently touch the cage for bird chipping.
Chirps out sweetly its charming song for you.
Battery operated.

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