BESTWAY Beanless Basketball Chair (1.14x1.12x0.66m)

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1 piece of BESTWAY Beanless Basketball Chair (1.14x1.12x0.66m)
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The BESTWAY Beanless Basketball Chair is an inflatable chair that measures 1.14x1.12x0.66m when fully inflated. As the name suggests, it features a basketball design, making it a great addition to any sports-themed room or outdoor space.

The chair is made of durable vinyl material and has a flocked surface for added comfort. It also features a backrest and armrest for extra support, making it a comfortable seating option for both children and adults.

Unlike traditional bean bag chairs, the BESTWAY Beanless Basketball Chair does not require filling with beans or other materials. Instead, it can be inflated with an air pump or manually using your breath.

The chair is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around and store when not in use. It can hold up to 100kg of weight, making it suitable for most individuals.

Overall, the BESTWAY Beanless Basketball Chair is a fun and comfortable seating option that is perfect for sports enthusiasts of all ages. Its unique basketball design and easy-to-inflate feature make it a great addition to any room or outdoor space.

- Age: 6+
- Designed for indoor and outdoor use
- Beanless bean bag design

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