PRESTONE Radiator Coolant Protect and Cool Pink (1L)

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1 piece of PRESTONE Radiator Coolant Protect and Cool with pink colour (1L)

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• 100% brand new
• Cool Prestone Radiator contents 1 liter
• There are red and green colors, choose according to the preferred color variant
• Color has no effect on coolant performance, only taste
• Protects against rust and corrosion, safe for hoses and metal components including aluminum in the cooling system
• Supports the work of water pumps and radiators
• Protect all components of the cooling system, including aluminum
• Able to check seepage / leakage
Use UV light to detect
• Can be used immediately or mixed with radiator water beforehand

• Easy and convenience to use
• Good quality product
• Value for money
• Fast delivery within 2-5 w/days


• Package Includes: 1 x PRESTONE Radiator Coolant Protect and Cool 
• Liquid Colour: Pink
• Function: Radiator Coolant Protect and Cool 
• Packaging: Plastic bottle
• Brand: PRESTONE 
• Net Weight: 1 Litre

NOTE: Do not add water. Tap water or well water, can cause corrosion and leave crust and other substances that damage components.

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