FEBREZE with Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher Extra Strength Spray (370ml)

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1 piece of Febreze with Ambi Pur fabric freshener spray with extra strength scent (370ml)
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• With OdourClear Febreze odour elimination technology
• 100% brand new
• Air freshness spray
• Multipurpose use
• Eliminates bad smell
• Comes with blossom and breeze scent
• Last up to 24 hours
• 2x odour-eliminating power
• Suitable for any fabric material
• kills 99.9% of germs
• Easy and safe to use
• Good product quality
• Value for money
• Fast delivery 2-5 w/days
• *On fabric, tested on representative bacteria under lab condition. Does not remove all germs


• Package Includes: 1 x Febreze with Ambi Pur Fabric Freshener Spray
• Packaging: Plastic Bottle
• Scent: Extra Strength
• Capacity: 370ml

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