FNG Grammont Jug & Tumbler Set

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Glass Jug & 6 Tumblers Set
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A pitcher party set of pitchers consisting of one pitcher size of 1.5l and four 200ml sized glasses are suitable to be present when welcoming guests, parties or other formal events. This pitcher party set are made of the safest quality glass material for beverage containers because they are not porous, so they do not store bacteria or beverages. With a transparent glass design that makes it easy for you to see the contents of the drink in the glass and the Pitcher. On the pitcher there is a lid that can keep drinks remain hygienic and fresh for a long time. In addition, these pitcher party set have an elegant motif that will add a relaxing atmosphere to be fun.

- glass water/juice jug with glass 6 tumblers set
- 1.5L jug features handle & spout
- 200ml matching tumblers

- 1 piece

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