GETSUN Silicone Dashboard Polish Strawberry (450ml)

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1 piece of silicone dashboard polish with Strawberry scent (450ml)
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• Getsun Silicone Dashboard Polish
• Multipurpose use
• Comes with strawberry scent
• Increases the gloss and shows natural gloss
• Shines, Protects and leaves a durable wet look finish
• During spraying and erasing, cleaning dirt and polishing can be finished together
• Suitable for all kinds of vehicle instrument desks, electrical appliance, tires, dashboard, steering wheels, leather sofas,bumpers, plastic, furniture and etc
• Ideal for Regular Maintenance
• Good for all seasons cleaning and protection
• Environment Friendly
• Good quality product
• Value for money


• 1 piece in pack
• Fragrance: Strawberry
• Material: Stainless steel (Packaging)
• Capacity: 450ml

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