Jia Mei Hua Teapot Coffee Maker

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Teapot Coffee Maker
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Loose tea leaves taste so much better than the ones in tea bags but constantly getting a mouthful of tea leaves is not ideal. It is time to invest in this Jia Mei Hua Teapot Coffee Maker to keep your favourite tea leaves out of your drink. This clear glass teapot is heat resistant and comes with a lid and handle. A stainless-steel filter fits perfectly within this well-built glass teapot, making every pour pleasant and easy to use. Order this Jia Mei Hua Teapot Coffee Maker today and enjoy every sip of your favourite tea. 

An elegant glass teapot with a stainless steel filter to hold tea and coffee residue. Suitable for brewing your favourite beverages.
Easy to clean.

- 1.5L
- Transparent glass encasing
- Stainless steel sieve for tea leaves and coffee grounds

- 1 piece

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