(MR.DIY) Screwdriver Set (5 pcs)

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Featuring hardened tips and forged shanks the 5-piece screwdriver set provides professional grade solutions and durability to the user.
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A screwdriver set always comes in handy when you need to open a machine or etc. However , it may not be easy as there is always various type of screw size. Fret not as the JINFENG Screwdriver Set (5 pcs) is the right tool to do the job. It features hardened tips and forged shanks. The 5 piece screw driver set provides professional solutions and durability to the user. The JinFeng Screwdriver set has chrome plated bars for rust resistant and with magnetized tips as well. It has large handles to create greater torque while it is made of good material for comfortable grip. Add to your cart now.

- By material handle for comfortable grip.
- Chrome plated bars for rust resistant.
- Larger handles for greater torque.
- Magnetized tips.

Package includes:
(-) SL4mm
(-) SL6mm
(-) SL8mm
(+) PH#1mm
(+) PH#2mm

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