Spring RK Soup Pot

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Stainless Steel Soup Pot
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Soup pots made entirely of high quality Stainless Steel materials that are designed in a modern way just for your convenience in cooking. This soup pot has a thick undercoat with an encapsulation system that spreads the heat evenly and maintains the quality of your food. The bottom layer of this soup pot is made of a thick material with an encapsulation system that can absorb and disseminate heat perfectly. This thick layer of soup pot reduces the risk of your fast-burning food compared to other products. In addition, this soup pot will maintain the taste and nutritional food you, because the heat evenly when cooking. This soup pot is resistant to corrosive and durable. This soup pot is also safe for your family's health. This soup pot is very easy to clean. Simply use soap and soft sponge. Avoid using hard sponge / iron to avoid scratches on the product.

-24 cm in diameter
- volume: 25L
- food-grade pot

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