Square Cultery Rack HP13-108

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7x7x19cm white square cultery rack
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Utensils get rusty and filled with water marks when they are not dried properly after being thoroughly washed. Get this Square Cultery Rack HP13-108 to hold your clean and wet utensils upright so extra water droplets can be drained well to reduce water marks. This Cutlery Rack is designed to provide all parts of the utensils the opportunity to air dry properly and quickly, making sure it’ll be ready to be use before the next meal comes. Order this Square Cutlery Rack today to have clean, dry utensils always!

Perfect tabletop organizer to hold your flatware forks, spoons, napkins, condiments, kitchen gadgets, chopsticks, utensils, tools, and cutlery.
Small holes on the bottom for draining.
Modern and simple look, ideal for use in kitchen.

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