WALTEX Universal Super Nail Water Based Adhesive (150g)

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Comes with bundle of 12 or 24 units.

RM 5.90

Let creativity take over and always be inspired even after you've attached that piece on the wall. This Super Nail water-based adhesive lets you hang materials on surfaces like wood, fibre, tile, wall, ceiling, and much more without worrying about holes. Designed in a compact sized plastic tube bottle for a more convenient way to store and bring with you; easy to apply; ensure surface is free from dust, dirt; avoid skin contact- gloves are needed when use. 

Suitable for tenants that are renting a space; long-lasting and heavy duty. Highly recommended to buy for office use or any business of this service as it comes in bulk! 

- 150g 
- Comes in a bulk of 24 bottles or 48 bottles 

Delivery within 2 - 5 working days. 

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