YUPI Gummy Candies Iced Cola (12 x 45g)

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12 packets of YUPI Gummy Candies Iced Cola (45g)
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• Iced Cola flavoured
• Gummy Candy is a unique candy made of Gelatin, Sugar, Flavorings and Food Colorings. By its nature, Gummy Candy can be molded into thousands of shapes, making it one of the most versatile confectioneries ever.
• Gummy is first developed in Germany in the early 1900’s & spread widely throughout the world.
• YUPI is one of the largest and successful gummy manufacturers in the SEA.
• WIth Vitamin C
• Fat Free
• Halal certified
• Fast delivery within 2- 5 w/days


• Package includes: 12x YUPI Gummy Candies Iced Cola
• Brand : YUPI
• Content : 12 x 45g
• Flavour : Iced cola

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