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Red Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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Fiodio Portable Wireless Speaker you can carry your speaker everywhere you like. You can just charge the speaker and take it where every you like; with the Bluetooth sensor you can just easily connect the phone to the speaker wirelessly. But also Fiodio Bluetooth Wireless Speaker includes the jack cable to connect it to the speaker manually. The Fiodio Bluetooth Wireless Speaker sound quality it’s the best and also with wireless quality it’s the best choice you could probably have. The size of box it’s so small so you can carry it easily, and the battery play time around 4-5 hours. Features: - built in quick charging battery has 1 to 1.5 hours playing time - output power of 2W gives up to 10m sound range - comes with USB cable, audio cable & user manual - lightweight, portable & stylish Specifications: - 1 piece
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