FIODIO Portable Wireless Speaker

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Polycarbonate Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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Wireless speaker equipped With A Handle: This wireless speaker is conveniently equipped with a handle, perfect for carrying it wherever you go and bringing life to you and everyone around you. Up to 4 Hours Playing Time: This portable wireless speaker Bluetooth speaker comes with a built in battery. If fully charged, it can last up to 4 hours of continuous use, perfect for your daily dose of music. Quality Build: Only premium materials were used to make this speaker. If well-taken care of, this Bluetooth speaker will last you for a long time.

- built in quick charging battery has 2 to 4 hours playing time
- output power of 3W gives up to 32' sound range
- has USB port, audio jack & control panel
- fashionable design with loop handle & tough polycarbonate frame

- 1 piece

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