KLEENSO 99 Floor Cleaner Serai Wangi (900g)

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1 piece of 99 floor cleaner with serai wangi scent (900g)
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RM 7.85
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• No rising floor cleaner
• Using natural serai wangi oil as base come with anti-bacterial agents
• PH neutral, anti-static and environmental-friendly
• Reduce household pest
• Non-sticky after used
• Natural anti-bacterial agent
• Non-pesticide ingredient
• Can efficiently reduce household pest such as lizard, ant, cockroach, fly and etc
• Special for your home
• Best and safe way to repel insects such as mosquito, flies, cockroaches, ants and lizards.
• Easy and convenient to use
• Value for money
• Good quality product


• Package Includes: 1x Serai Wangi Floor Cleaner
• Packaging: Plastic
• Capacity: 900ml

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