MR MUSCLE Fresh Discs Starter 12g - Citrus

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MR MUSCLE Fresh Discs Starter 12g - Citrus
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MR MUSCLE Fresh Discs Starter prevent stains that encourage bacteria to multiply up to 6 weeks so you can save time cleaning and enjoy life.

• Prevent the impurities that promote germination.
• Easy to use.
• Hold up to 6 weeks.
• Available in Citrus fragrance in 12g size.
• Good quality and value for money.

* Mr.  Muscle Fresh Discs Starter leave a protective shield that is activated with a splash around the toilet bowl, which helps prevent the effects of lime scale deposits.

• Make sure the toilet is clean.
• Align the big button on the gel holder with the hole on the handle. Remove the cover and save it.
• Place the clear end of the gel holder towards the inner surface of the bowl where water will flow when the toilet is pumped.
• Press and hold the button while pressing and pushing the dispenser on the bowl until it clicks the button.
• Lift the dispenser back to leave the gel disc attached to the toilet bowl. Replace the cover tightly. Toilet pump to activate the gel disc. After use, the disc may attract the attention of small children. Use products in areas that are less visible to children. Ideal for septic tank.
• After mounting the last gel disc, remove it from the holder. Keep holders for refills.

• Keep out of reach of children and pets.
• Refer to the instructions on the product label before using any Mr. Muscle product.
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