PHILIPS Master Light Bulb White 18W (1pcs)

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1 piece energy saving master light bulb white 18W with both 2 pin and 4 pin plug.
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• Master light bulb
• Specially design with both 2 pin and 4 pin plug
• 2 pins lamps are used with electromagnetic gear, while 4-pins lamps are normally used with electronics gear
• Fluorescent tri-phosphor technology save cost while maintain the lamp efficiency
• For indoor use only
• Colour enhance for natural light 
• Trusted quality for best performance
• Mercury free
• Not suitable for dimming or electronic switches
• Good quality product
• Value for money


• 1 piece in pack
• Light colour: white
• Watt: 18W
• Voltan: 170-250V 
• Base: E27

Application Instruction:

• Hold the plastic base while installing, not the glass part.
• Please dispose of all the lamps responsibly.
• If replaced by a heavier lamps, please make sure the luminaire have enough mechanical stability.

CAUTION: Suitable for indoor use. Not for use in totally closed luminaire. Not for use with dimming controller. Before replacing, turn lamp off and let lamp cool down.

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