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DETTOL Disinfectant Spray Morning Dew (450ml)

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1 bottle of DETTOL Disinfectant Spray Morning Dew (450ml)
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• 100% brand new
• Cleans and removes dirt
• Powers through grease
• Dettol’s unique formula is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, salmonella and the flu virus, on surfaces that you come into contact with every day, such as door handles, kitchen bins and toilet areas
• Helps protect your family from illness by preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses
• Kills 99.9% of viruses and germs
• Deodorizes by killing germs that cause odours
• Controls mould and mildew on mattresses, pillows and shower curtains
• Gives fresh fragrance
• Good quality product
• Value for money
• Fast delivery within 2-5 weekdays


• Package Includes: 1x DETTOL Disinfectant Spray Morning Dew
• Packaging: Spray can
• Brand: DETTOL
• Fragrance: Morning Dew
• Capacity: 450ml


  1. Directions for use: Shake can well. Hold can 15-20cm from surface.
  2. To Disinfect: Spray pre-cleaned surface 2 to 3 seconds until covered with mist. Allow to stand 10 minutes to air dry. 
  3. To Sanitise: Let stand for 30 seconds. To control and prevent mould and mildew and their odours: Spray pre-cleaned surface until covered with mist. Repeat applications as necessary. 
  4. To Deodorise: Spray on surfaces as needed. Do not use on polished wood, painted surfaces, leather, rayon fabrics or acrylic plastics.
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