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SOFTLAN Fabric Conditioner Aromatherapy Relax Refill Pack (1.5L)

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1 piece of fabric conditioner refill pack with aromatherapy relax scent (1.5L)
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• 100% brand new
• Gel concentrated fabric detergent
• Pampering fragrances with essentials oils
• Fabric care treatment
• Protects your fabric by coating and nourishing
• Easier to iron with less wrinkles
• Captivating fragrance
• Irresistible softness and anti-static
• Long-lasting scent experience on your clothes
• Suitable for top loading washing machines, front loading washing machines and handwashing
• Easy and convenience to use
• Good quality product
• Value for money
• Fast delivery 2-5 w/days


• Package Includes: 1 x SOFTLAN Fabric Conditioner Aromatherapy Relax Refill Pack
• Scent: Aromatherapy Relax (Sakura)
• Type: Gel
• Packaging: Plastic Pouch
• Brand: Soflan
• Capacity: 1.5L

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