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STREPSILS Cool Sensation Lozenges (6's)

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1 pack of 6 sachets Cool Sensation Lozenges
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RM 4.10


•Treats sore throat symptoms – Strepsils Cool Sensation Lozenges can provide effective relief from the symptoms associated with a sore throat, such as a dry throat.
• Two effective antiseptic ingredients – Strepsils combination of 2,4 Dichlorobenzyl alchohol 1.2mg and Amylmetacresol 0.6mg works to fight bacteria in the mouth and throat while relieving the discomfort of sore throat.
• It contains cooling menthol for that instant cooling sensation in the throat.
• Economy pack – Inside the box, you’ll find 6 Strepsils Cool Sensation Lozenges providing relief from sore throat.
• Fast delivery within 2- 5 w/days


• Package includes: 6x Strepsils Cool Sensation Lozenges
• Flavour : Cool Sensation

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