MR. DIY Toiletries Travel Bag

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For those of you who like to travel then need a place to organize your needs / toiletries. Special places to prevent toothbrushes do not smell soap / shampoo. Toiletries Travel Bag is suitable for organizer needs your needs / toiletries. Wash With a cool model and an interesting design; make these travels bag toiletries your traveling companion.

RM 17.83

When traveling, you can arrange cosmetics and toiletries into the toiletries travel bag so it is easy to take when needed and easy to carry while traveling. The inside of the toiletries travel bag there are many barriers, can to place soap, cosmetics, accessories. The space inside is quite spacious, can fit a lot of cosmetics. The top is a handle, can be carried. The back of the travel bag toiletries is also there is 1 large screen, can to place a towel. Toiletries travel bag Built for travel and convenience, the toiletry bag keeps your toiletries neatly organized and makes trip easier and more relaxing. 

The toiletries travel bag is a bag for cosmetics and toiletries. This travel bag is suitable toiletries carried traveling, can be hung in the bathroom, waterproof material. Inside there are barriers to the cosmetic bottle, face towel also fit. Space inside is quite spacious, can fit a lot of cosmetics. Toiletries travel bag is made of thick oxford material, waterproof, outside full zipper, can be brought from the top and side.

24 CM x 9.5 CM x 18.5 CM

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