MR. DIY Travel Bag

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With this travel bag, makeup supplies and toiletries are packed in one bag. Traveling so easy, can be carried, full zipper

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When traveling, you can arrange cosmetics and toiletries into the toiletries travel bag so it is easy to take when needed and easy to carry while traveling. Not make a suitcase littered with various cosmetics and bath soap. Not to mention if the soap spilled due to falling clothes, the contents of the suitcase so dirty. The inside of the toiletries travel bag there are many barriers, can to place soap, cosmetics, accessories. The space inside is quite spacious, can fit a lot of cosmetics. The top is a handle, can be carried. The back of the travel bag toiletries is also there is 1 large screen, can to place a towel. Toiletries travel bag equipped hook, can be hung in the bathroom. Made of thick nylon material, waterproof

This travel bag has a room big enough for you to bring and organize makeup tools, toiletries, medicines, and other personal items. All equipment will be neatly stored and not messy so it makes you easier when will use it and store in the bathroom because it is made of waterproof material (waterproof).

24 CM x 10.5 CM x 20.5 CM

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