SUNNE Travel Pouch

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When traveling, underwear is one of the most important clothes kept clean. Well, of course you do not want your underwear dirty or moist when traveling is not it? Therefore you need to have Travel underwear pouch this. Protect your underwear stay clean

RM 13.90

This underwear bag has a slot that is specially designed to put your underwear in a neat and orderly manner. You can put a bra and panties in this underwear bag. Your underwear will not look anywhere else, when put into this special underwear bag when you travel a lot. This underwear bag has a hanging hook, this hanging material is made of quality material so it can withstand heavy weights of goods

This underwear bag will make it easier for you to store your underwear both bras and panties in a neat, orderly, and clean. This underwear is special for you who travel frequently.

26 CM X 12 CM x 13 CM

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