PONG RONG Transport Car Carrier Truck Toys Set (7 pcs)

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The best birthday, Xmas or New Year gift for the children
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Looking for presents for your kids? Not knowing what to buy? Get this Transport Cars Carrier Truck Toys for your kids. This carrier truck toys features 1 big rig, 6 die casts cars, 3 pieces construction signs and cones. The truck carrier can carry up to 6 small toy cars and your kids will enjoy stacking these small cars on the truck. Kids will get to unload the cars whenever they want and they are made of durable plastic with detailed wheels and cool designs. The kids especially the boys above 3 years old will enjoy these toy cars. Get yours now before it's too late.  

Truck Carrier can carry 6 small toy cars, your kids will have a great time organizing their cars and transporting them from one place to another. Kids LOVE to push around, load and unload this well made plastic truck. If your kid enjoy playing with cars.. this is the perfect gift!

We have a rigorous quality control process to ensure that our customers are getting the best quality.

- 1 Big rig, 6 die cast cars, 3pcs construction signs and cones.
- Made with durable plastic, detailed wheels, & cool designs!
- Truck has 6 vehicles inside to carry Matchbox Cars, Hot Wheels Cars, Truck toys, Signs and more!
- Boys who love toy cars ages anywhere from 3 yrs old and up.

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