WOODS Peppermint Drops Original (15g)

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1 pack of WOODS Peppermint Drops Original (15g)
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• WOODS' Peppermint Lozenges is using natural peppermint & anise oil as an antiseptic to loosen up the phlegm in the lungs and gives relief from cough and gives effective protection against infection.
• WOODS' Peppermint Lozenges comes in vareity of fruit based flavors like Original, Blackcurrant, Honey Lemon, Orange, Lemon and Cherry Flavor.
• Regardless whatever moods you are in, WOODS' Peppermint Lozenges always soothes your moods anytime, anywhere, any moods
• Contain 6 pieces
• Good quality product
• Value for money
• Fast delivery within 2- 5 w/days


• Package includes: 1x WOODS Peppermint Drops Original
• Brand : WOODS
• Content : 15g
• Flavour : Original

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