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Return Policy (Business)

  1. Who is MR. D.I.Y. ECOMMERCE (M) SDN BHD?

 MR. D.I.Y. E-COMMERCE (M) SDN BHD, a sub-company under MR. D.I.Y. GROUP (M) BERHAD having its registered office in Lot 1907, Jalan KPB 11, Kawasan Perindustrian Balakong, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia offers various retail Products including Daily Essentials, Hardware, Electrical, Household Car Accessories, Stationeries, Toys, and Others through its website (“Platform”) sold by MR. D.I.Y. (“Products”) to the users of Platform (“Customers”).


2. What is Return Policy?


 2.1   MR. D.I.Y. Return Policy is designed to protect our Customers against unsatisfying or damaged Products by offering 100% refund or exchange based on our Customers’ preferences upon mutual agreement meeting the return term and conditions, once the Products have been delivered to the Customers after purchase from Platform. Any return of Products by Customers shall be governed by and subject to the terms and conditions set out under this Return Policy.


 2.2   Customers are required to peruse and understand the terms of this Return Policy. If Customers do not agree to the terms contained in this Return Policy, Customers are advised to forthwith leave and stop using the Platform. The terms contained in this Return Policy shall be accepted without modification and you agree to be bound by the terms contained herein by initiating a request for the purchase of Product(s) on the Platforms.


3. Terms of Exchange and Refund


 3.1   This Return Policy is only applicable if the Products that you wish to return are purchased from the Platform. Purchases from MR. D.I.Y. retail stores and other e-commerce platforms will not be eligible for this Return Policy. This policy does not apply to Products that have been stated as non-exchangeable or non-refundable on the Platforms.


 3.2  The Customer is only allowed for return resolution: Refund Online. MR. D.I.Y. reserve the right to discuss with the customer for exchange or online refund (Return to Outlet) based on the mutual agreement upon the customer’s request within the return timeframe (7-days from the delivery date).


 3.3   The Customers shall initiate the refund requests not later than 7 (seven) days from the date on which they received the delivery of the Products. Products with the label MR. DIY Premium (Electrical Appliances) are entitled for a 1 (one) year warranty and selected Power Tool products are entitled for a 6 (six) month warranty.


 3.4   Products to be returned will require the Customers to first send a request via MR. D.I.Y. Return Management System (RMS) by login into MR. D.I.Y. account.

 3.4.1      Customers are required to select the quantity of the Product, the reason for return, Product condition upon received and return resolution.


 3.4.2      Customers must attach supporting video/images of the Products with at least 2 (two) different angles, pictures of the outer and inner of the packaging with courier label, bubble wrap/box, and the fragile sticker. Failure to provide such documents may result in delayed approval and return rejection.


 3.4.3      The return request will be reviewed by MR. D.I.Y. Customer Support and Customers will be notified the status of the request within 24 business hours. In the event that Customers made purchases without login into the account, you may request a return within the validity timeframe by sending an email to with the above documents attached.


 3.5  In the event a Customer returns a Product that is not accompanied by the accessories, gifts, or other items originally bundled with such Product, MR. D.I.Y. shall have the right, exercisable at its sole discretion, to (i) (a) refuse to accept the return of such Product, or (b) process any refund thereof, or (ii) deduct the amount payable in respect of such items from the amount of refund such Customer is entitled to.


 3.6  The returned Product must follow return requirements as below:


 3.6.1      Products that are received with tags attached must be exchanged with those tags intact.


 3.6.2      No return for intimates, undergarments, clothes, accessories, and beauty Products due to hygiene reasons.


 3.6.3      No return Products that are face masks and face shields due to reasons of hygiene and safety unless these Products were damaged/manufacturing defect upon received, failed to be delivered, or returned to us in unused, factory-packed conditions.


 3.6.4      Product that is purchased as part of a set or multi-item pack, has to be returned as a whole set.


 3.6.5      The return Products must not in used after opened if the return is due to damage upon arrival, wrong item, unwanted, expired item and the incomplete parts.


 3.6.6      Return of full/complete sets (along with original packaging, instruction book (if any)) are required for the reason of damage upon arrival, quality issue (manufacturing defects/damage), wrong item, expired item and change of mind item.


 3.6.7      Under the return reason of quality issue (manufacturing defect), wrong item, incomplete part, and change of mind item, the returned Product must not be in damage/scratch condition.

 3.6.8      There are circumstances when Customer receive One-to-One Exchange approval from MR. D.I.Y. Customer Support. It defines that Customer is able to replace with similar Products only.

 3.6.9      For Power Tools (6-Months Warranty), Customer shall receive Return to Repair email whereby Customer is required to bring a full set of Products to any MR. D.I.Y. Outlet and leave the Products to repair. Customer shall receive a call from MR. D.I.Y. Staff for collection. Repair may take up to 30 days. Kindly keep the necessary documents for reference. Customer is eligible for this Warranty two times within 6 months from the delivery date.


3.7  Refund Process:


 3.7.1      For purchases under Business account, the Customers may opt for Refund Online (Return to Warehouse) whereby the Refund Online performs refund through initial payment method after return request is approved by MR. D.I.Y. Customer Support.

 3.7.2      Under the return reason of Change of Mind, return shipping fee is borne by the Customers. Otherwise, return is free of charge except the damage/defect by Customers after inspection.


 3.7.3      After Customers submit the return request (refer Clause 3.4), Customer Support will provide the return AirWay Bill and Customers are required to print out the document and attach onto the return parcel. Return parcel must be secured in a packaging either via box, non-vulnerable plastic, or its original packaging. This is to avoid the return parcel missing during transit.


 3.7.4      MR. D.I.Y. shall initiate refund of the money paid by the Customer towards the purchase of the returned Product if upon conducting quality checks, it is satisfied that the Product being returned entitles the Customer to a refund. It is further clarified that the MR. D.I.Y. shall not be required to make any refund in respect of any Product that it deems ineligible for a refund based on such quality checks.


 3.7.5      The online refund amount will be credited to the Customer’s account with the same mode as the original purchase within 7-14 working days.


 3.7.6      MR. D.I.Y. shall send the credit memo and/or email notification in regards to the online refund in the process either due to out of stock, return Products, or failure delivery order.


3.7.7      MR. D.I.Y. shall make all reasonable attempts to keep the Customer apprised of the status of refund through updates shared on the Customer’s registered email address. MR. D.I.Y. disclaims all liabilities that may arise on account of its failure to keep the Customer apprised of the status of the refund. MR. D.I.Y. shall not process any refund of the order after several attempts of approaching the Customer and exceeded the given due date.


 3.7.8      Shall the Customer receive incomplete Products in the order without a credit memo and/or email notification, the Customer must notify MR. D.I.Y. Customer Support within seven (7) days upon delivery date. MR. D.I.Y. will do the investigation and notify the Customer of the outcome.


 3.7.9      It is expressly clarified that the refund entitled to by Customer shall not include money paid towards shipping and handling charges or any other such charges applicable from time to time unless for reasons attributable to, and accepted by MR. D.I.Y after due verification at its sole discretion.


 3.7.10   All cash vouchers are not refunded. Only the balance amount that the Customer has paid will be refunded. This applies to bundled Products, promotional Products, or Products that come in set.


3.8  Online Exclusive Products:


3.8.1   For any Products purchased under this series, there is strictly no refund/exchange is allowed.


3.8.2   For any Products purchased under this series, MR. D.I.Y. will only allow online refund/exchange under the below return reason:


a)    Damage Upon Arrival

b)    Quality Issue

c)     Wrong Item

d)    Incomplete Parts


3.8.3   For any Product purchased under this series, there will be strictly no return under the reason:


a)    Change of Mind

b)    Unwanted Item


3.8.4   Any return request for Products purchased under this series will still be required to follow MR. D.I.Y. normal return procedure and rules as stated above.


3.9 Any return request for Products purchased under this series will still be required to follow MR. D.I.Y. normal return procedure and rules as stated above.


Update: 06th January 2023