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CRAZY CLAY DIY Colors Clay (12 pcs)

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Extra soft and super elasticity
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It’s said that playing with clay can help build strength as well as developing motor skills. If you want to help your child in this area, try this CRAZY CLAY DIY Colours Clay as they are soft enough to be molded by a child but tough enough to provide some resistance. Each CRAZY CLAY DIY set comes with 12 colours and the lid of each comes with its own impressions of animals. Order this CRAZY CLAY DIY and allow your kids to work their arms and creativity at the same time! 

- The clay can lid carries the impression, you can make use of them to create the shapes
- Pinch molding
- Mix colors freely
- Suitable for kids 3+ ages
- 12 cans per pack: White, purple, blue, milk white, red, orange, dark purple, light blue, green, yellow, and black

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