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Swallow Swimming Goggles

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Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles With Earplugs
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These swimming goggles can be used for you to swim or dive, so you can still see clearly even in the water. Silicon material of these swimming goggles that makes your eyes very comfortable when wearing it also prevents the entry of water in the eye area so that your eyesight will not be disturbed. The swimming goggles lens will reflect the illumination of the object in front of the vision range, just like a mirror. Your vision will not be blocked by the reflection of the object's light from the outside when wearing these sunglasses. The lens of the swimming goggles has anti-UV and anti-fog features that allow you to see very clearly in the water and will not be disturbed by the reflection of light from the surface of the water. Rubber back headband that can loosen to fit the size of your head, very comfortable and strong not easily separated when you swim quickly.

- comfortable & secure fit
- with tinted anti-fog lenses & attached earplugs
- adjustable strap

- 1 piece

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