TASTO Seaweed with Korean Sauce Potato Chips (55g)

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1 pack of TASTO Seaweed with Korean Sauce Potato Chips (55g)
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• Ridge-cut potato chips with seaweed with korean sauce are crisp with golden yellow colour ripples and complete seasoning blended inside each chip.
• Mildly strong seaweed and korean sauce aroma when first open the package and last till finish as you continue enjoying.
• 100% made from natural Atlantic potatoes and using only rice bran oil with less than 50% saturated fat comes with Omega 3 and Omega 6.
• Tasto is a high quality potato chips brand with long heritage in Thailand.
• With wide range of flavors from classics like Salt, Japanese Seaweed and BBQ to Tasto’s signature Crab Curry, Pla Sam Rod and Salt & Sour.
• Beside, there are several types like Flat Cut, Ridge Cut and Waffle Cut that provide the difference enjoyable snacking experience from Tasto.
• Product of Thailand
• Value for money
• Fast delivery within 2- 5 w/days


• Package includes: 1x TASTO Curry Crab Potato Chips
• Brand : TASTO
• Content : 55g
• Flavour : Seaweed with Korean Sauce

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