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HEJ Mini USB Fan S-70 4NE-109

Product Code:
7 inch aluminium mini USB table fan keeps cool for indoor and outdoor
RM 19.54

Does your laptop heats up after using it for a long time or are you looking for a simple way to dry your nails quickly? A portable mini USB fan might just do the trick! The HEJ MINI USB FAN S-70 4NE-109 is a 7-inch aluminium mini USB table fan that not only helps to keep you cool, it is also suitable to keep your laptop from overheating and help your painted nails dry faster. Comes with a quiet motor fan, this multipurpose mini USB fan will be a great investment when you order your very own one today. 

Features :
- quiet motor fan
- white/blue colour

Specifications :
- 12 x 22 x H22.5cm

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