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S/S Ruler 100Cm C88335#

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Comes with bundle of 10 or 50 pieces.

Perfect measurement is important when it comes to crafts and DIYs as the slightest difference can completely mess up the result of your project. Check out this MR DIY Stainless Steel Ruler 100cm as it is rust proof, durable, and well labelled for precise reading for measurements. Unlike other ruler, this Stainless-Steel Ruler is 100cm long, allowing you to measure something lengthy without hassle. Don€™t compromise your task and get this MR DIY Stainless Steel Ruler for an accurate measurement every time! 

Rustless Steel, deeply etched for easy reading
Upper edge subdivided mm and 1/2mm
Lower edge subdivided 1/8", 1/32" and 1/64"

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