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Silicone Coating Car Wiper 20"

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Silicone Coating Car Wiper 20"
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DIY Hi-Performance Hybrid Wiper Blade Water Repellent Technology offers the high performance coating silicone, and also high performance hybrid wiper blade with water repellent technology for your front and back wind shield. Hi-Performance Hybrid Wiper Blade Water Repellent Technology has supply any size for different cars, so available for any type of cars. This Hi-Performance Hybrid Wiper Blade Water Repellent Technology is the premium model of our latest model.Use this special silicone wipers on your car and experience the difference when driving. Clean up to 10 times better than regular rubber wipers. Wiper blades are aerodynamic and will bend according to the curvature of your car.Features: - Patented Silicone Blade resists wear & damage from UV and sunlight exposure - Silicone Blades last up to 2x longer than traditional rubber blades - Silicone Blades perform compound promotes water beading and quiet operation - Aerodynamic design has equal pressure points for quiet and streak free wiping - 10 times cleaner then normal rubber wiper blade - Aerodynamic soft wiper blade, bend accoring to your wind screen curveness - High quality silicone wiper - Long lasting wiperSize: 20" Qty: 1 pcs
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