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SIMOTA Super Spiral Turbo Ventilator

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NEW Revolutionry stainless steel blades
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It's time for a change with SIMOTA SUPER SPIRAL TURBO VENTILATOR. It's a new revolutionary stainless steel blades which improves fuel efficiency and increases the horse power to your engine. With this high speed, it creates a vortex air flow to improve air thereby enhancing the engine's performance. You can also see an instant increase in engine power and a reduction in carbon accumulation with this turbo ventilator. It is definitely easy to install too. So get this now before it's sold out! 

SIMOTA'S high speed super SPIRAL TURBO VENTILATOR creates a vortex air flow to improve air & fuel mixture thereby enhancing your engine's performance.
It reduce the carbon accumulation in the engine and substantially increases the horse power to your engine.

- Improve fuel efficiency
- Instant increase in engine power
- Reduction in carbon accumulation the engine
- Easy to install

- 1 set Aluminium alloy hull

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