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WAXCO Wash & Wax Car Shampoo 2000ml

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Manufactured by An ISO Certified Company. Wax while cleaning 2 in 1 action for metalic & normal paint
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It's time for a car wash? Use this WAXCO WASH & WAX CAR SHAMPOO 2000ml. This car shampoo is manufactured by an ISO certified company and it is suitable for all paint finishes including metallics and 2K. This car shampoo wax while cleaning at the same time leaving  your car extra clean and shiny. The ingredients from the car shampoo has anti-corrosion properties which will leave your car corrosion-free. Add this car shampoo to your cart today!

Waxco Wash & Wax Car Shampoo is the world's most popular car wash. It is suitable for all paint finishes, including metallics and 2K. It waxes your car everytime you wish.

- Suitable for any vehicles
- Extra clean & shine
- Soapy & more lather
- Anti - corrosion

- 1 BOTTLE 2000ML

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