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TACTIX Drawer Tool Set (14 pieces)

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1 set of TACTIX Drawer Tool (14 pieces)
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The TACTIX Drawer Tool Set (14 pieces) is a compact and handy set of tools that is perfect for various household tasks. Here's what you get in this set:

Multi Opener: A versatile tool for opening bottles, jars, and cans with ease.
9 mm Snap-Off Knife: A utility knife with a snap-off blade for continuous sharp cutting.
9 mm Knife Blades (3 pieces): Replacement blades for the snap-off knife.
215 mm (8-1/2 in.) Scissors: General-purpose scissors for cutting various materials.
160 mm (6 in.) Linesman Plier: Suitable for cutting, bending, and gripping wires and cables.
150 mm (6 in.) Torpedo Level: A small level for ensuring accurate horizontal and vertical measurements.
3.5 m (12 ft.) Tape Measure: A measuring tape for quick and precise measurements.
2 PC Screwdrivers: #2 and 6 mm flathead screwdrivers for general use.
2 PC Precision Screwdrivers: #0 and 2.4 mm precision screwdrivers for delicate tasks.
225 g (8 oz.) Claw Hammer: A small hammer for light-duty tasks like driving nails or removing nails.

This drawer tool set is designed to fit in a compact storage space, such as a drawer, and is suitable for various DIY projects, repairs, and everyday household needs. The combination of essential tools like pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, a hammer, and more makes it a versatile and practical set to have at hand.

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