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TACTIX General Tool Set (28 pieces)

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1 set of TACTIX General Tool(28 pieces)
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The TACTIX General Tool Set (28 pieces) is a versatile collection of tools suitable for a wide range of household and DIY tasks. Here's what you get in this set:

Dual-Sided Opening Clear-Top Case: The tools come in a clear-top case with a dual-sided opening for easy access and organization.

20 PC 25 mm (1 in.) Bits: A selection of bits for various types of screws and fasteners. The set includes slotted, Phillips, hex, and Torx bits in different sizes.

60 mm (2-1/4 in.) Extension Bar: An extension bar to use with the ratchet driver for reaching tight spots.

225 g (8 oz.) Claw Hammer: A small and lightweight hammer for general hammering tasks.

3.5 m (12 ft.) Tape Measure: A measuring tape for quick and accurate measurements.

Ratchet Driver: A versatile tool for driving screws and fasteners using the included bits.

150 mm (6 in.) Adjustable Wrench: An adjustable wrench for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts of various sizes.

150 mm (6 in.) Torpedo Level: A small level for ensuring accurate horizontal and vertical measurements.

9 mm Snap-Off Knife: A utility knife with a snap-off blade for continuous sharp cutting.

160 mm (6 in.) Linesman Pliers: Pliers for cutting, bending, and gripping wires and cables.

This general tool set covers the basics and is ideal for minor repairs, DIY projects, and everyday household needs. With a variety of tools like pliers, screwdriver bits, hammers, tape measures, and more, it provides the essentials for getting various tasks done efficiently.

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