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Brake Fluid Bleeder Hand Pump

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1 piece of Brake Fluid Bleeder Hand Pump
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Brake Fluid Bleeder Hand Pump

- Comprehensive workshop vacuum pump kit includes reservoir and nipple adaptor for brake and fuel line bleeding. Manual pump with pressure gauge allows testing of many vacuum operated systems, eg. fuel pumps, carbs, etc. Attach many kinds of joint to most kinds of vehicles.

Tools Included:

 Description  Dimensions
Vacuum Pump/Brake Bleeder 1 pc
Vacuum Hoses (3") 4 pc
Universal Cup Adapter 1 pc
Reservoir Jar & Lids 1 pc
Tapered Hose Adapters 2 pc
Vacuum Hoses (24") 2 pc
T-Hose Connect Tub 1 pc
Straight Hose Connector 1 pc
Brake Bleeder Valve Adapters 3 pc
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