GETSUN Environmentally-Friendly Sticker Remover (220ml)

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1 piece of environmentally-friendly sticker remover (220ml)
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• 100% brand new
• Environmentally-friendly sticker remover
• Remove the sticker residue, sticker tape residual
• Clean and remove the oil stains of the components and parts, working area, walls, floors, equipments and vehicles
• Non-corrosive, acid free and no chlorine compound
• Come with Orange fragrance
• Instruction usage in packaging
• Good quality product
• Value for money
• Fast delivery within 2-5 w/days


• Package Includes: 1 x GETSUN Environmentally-Friendly Sticker Remover
• Packaging: Can bottle Spray
• Function: Sticker Remover
• Brand: GETSUN
• Code: G-2058B
• Capacity: 220ml

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