Handheld Garden Pump and Spray 1 Litre

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Handheld Vaporizer Garden Pump and Spray
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Tired of dragging the long hose in the garden to water the plants each time? You can get this Handheld Garden Pump and Spray 1 Litre. This 1-litre handheld garden pump and spray comes with an open-and-lock system to prevent leakages. It is made of high quality material for durability. On the other hand, the top lid pump makes the handheld sprayer easy to pump and spray. This precise and fine misting sprayer is suitable for watering the plants and flowers in the garden. Add this to your cart today! 

One-litre plastic handheld sprayer suitable for garden and household use.
Open and lock system to prevent leakages.

- Holds up to 1 litre
- Pressure sprayer
- Multipurpose misting
- Precise and Fine Misting Sprayer
- Lightweight and Long Lasting
- Trigger lock for continuous spraying

- 1 piece

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