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[BEST SELLER] (MR.DIY) 3U Shape LED Bulb Warm White E27 (18W)

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1 piece of 18W (MR.DIY) 3U Shape LED Bulb Warm White E27
RM 9.90
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Bright light can highly contribute to headache and glaring. For a more relaxing vibe, always go for warm white bulbs! 

Saving 80% energy, this 3U Shape LED Bulb Warm White will give you a better and calmer time every time you're in your room! With just enough brightness to cover your whole area, you can still enjoy the gleam and have minimised heat exposure from your bulb. 

Recommended to be installed in rooms that are spent most of the time in; such as bedrooms, living room, or dining room. Highly recommended to buy for office use or any business of this service as it comes in bulk. 

- 18W 
- 3U shape 

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