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(MR.DIY) Electronic Alarm Clock 1295

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Bedside digital alarm clock, non-ticking large temperature and time display. Design LED, silent clock, snooze morning clock, sound control adjustable, and brightness dual power. Perfect for office or home.

RM 28.21

Digital clock comes with a large clearly visible display, 3 levels of brightness and easy to set up design, the dimmable digital alarm clock can serve you better. Besides, you can easily know the date, day of the week, time (either in 12 hours or 24hr format) and the temperature (°C/ °F) from the modern digital alarm clock. This digital clock it’s LED Display! In sound control mode, the large LED display will automatically go off after a few seconds, helping save power (powered by USB cable or 4 AAA batteries (not include). USB cable is recommended). 

This digital clock not only has several display modes, but also comes with three groups of alarm, guaranteed to wake you from even the deepest slumber. What’s more, these alarms could be set for daily reminders for meeting, homework, travel, cooking etc. You can choose the alarms ring or not on weekend with the weekday mode, ensure you have a lie-in on weekend and will not be disturbed by alarms.

14 CM x 7 CM x 4 CM

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