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(MR.DIY) Microfibre Carpet Floor Mat (40x60cm)

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This microfiber mat is a comfortable mat and attractive because it gives a bright impression to your work room and your room.

RM 15.62

This microfiber mat has several advantages such as not slippery because there is anti-slip, easy to absorb water and rainbow microfiber is soft and thick. Microfiber is easy to clean, and can also dry quickly. How to use this microfiber for a long term is with wash in 30-degree water temperature with neutral detergent by hand and no bleaching and ironing.

Microfiber mat is a mat made of feathers along the 2cm that smooth even looks like a wool. Using a microfiber material that borders this doormat is not slippery and quickly absorbs water.

40 CM x 60 CM

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