(MR.DIY) Party Poppers with Safety Lock (30cm)

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1 piece of party poppers with safety lock (30cm)
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• Party poppers
• Ideal for celebration, parties, concerts and etc
• This product is driven by compressed air
• Do not contain gunpowder
• Suitable for outdoor and indoor use and ensure you have sufficient height clearance of at least 10 meters
• Ejects the colourful metallic shapes into the air and creating a confetti shower that flutters gently to the ground with a magic effect
• Good quality product
• Value for money


• 1 piece in a pack
• Size: 30cm

NOTE: Don’t fire this item if there is naked electrical wire within 300 metre. Otherwis, the metallic streamer of the product may cause the damage of the electrical instruments. Don’t point at people. Children use should under the supervision of the adults.

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