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(MR.DIY) White Cable Ties (4mm x 20cm) 100pcs

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1 pack of (MR.DIY) White Cable Ties (4mm x 20cm) 100pcs
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(MR.DIY) White Cable Ties - a reliable and practical solution for organizing and securing cables, wires, and various other items. Here are the details of this pack:

White Cable Ties: This pack includes 100 white cable ties with a size of 4mm x 20cm. These medium-sized ties are perfect for a wide range of applications, providing a secure and reliable hold for cables and other objects that require organization.

Durable and Reliable: The cable ties are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand everyday use and provide a secure fastening without easily breaking or slipping.

Versatile Use: These cable ties have a wide range of applications. They are suitable for organizing cables behind entertainment centers, securing wiring in offices, managing cords in workshops, and various other tasks that require cable management.

Easy to Use: The cable ties feature a simple and straightforward design. Simply insert the pointed end into the self-locking head and pull tight to secure. The self-locking mechanism ensures a strong and secure hold.

Multiple Applications: These cable ties are not limited to cable management alone. They can be used for bundling and organizing a variety of items, such as gardening tools, computer accessories, packaging materials, and more.

Convenient Quantity: With 100 cable ties in the pack, you have an ample supply to handle multiple organization projects or tasks. You won't run out of cable ties anytime soon.

The (MR.DIY) White Cable Ties provide a reliable and efficient solution for your cable management needs. Keep your cables organized and secure with these durable and versatile ties. Order your pack today and experience the convenience and effectiveness they offer!

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