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[BEST SELLER] TACTIX Laser Distance Measurer (50m)

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TACTIX Laser Distance Measurer is a reliable and versatile tool for precise measurements. Here are the key features of the TACTIX Laser Distance Measurer (50m):

Measurement Range: The device has a generous measurement range of up to 50 meters (165 feet), allowing you to accurately measure distances within this range.

Laser Technology: It emits a Class 2 laser beam with a maximum output of <1 mW at a wavelength of 630-670 nm. The device complies with safety standards (EN60825-1) to ensure safe usage.

IP54 Rating: The Laser Distance Measurer has an IP54 rating, providing water and debris resistance. This allows you to use it in various environments with confidence.

Multiple Measurement Modes: The device offers versatile measurement modes, including distance, area, and volume measurements. You can easily switch between these modes to suit your needs.

Backlit LCD Display: The Laser Distance Measurer features a backlit LCD display, ensuring clear and easy-to-read measurements, even in low-light conditions.

End Piece with Scale: The device is equipped with an end piece that incorporates a scale. This enables precise measurements from edges or corners, improving accuracy.

Measuring Units: You can choose from various measuring units, including meters (m), feet (ft.), inches (in.), and a combination of feet and inches (ft. + in.), based on your preferences and requirements.

Nylon Pouch: The Laser Distance Measurer comes with a nylon pouch for secure storage and transportation, protecting it from dust and scratches when not in use.

The TACTIX Laser Distance Measurer (50m) is a practical tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who require accurate and efficient measurements. It offers water and debris resistance, multiple measurement modes, a backlit LCD display, and a range of measuring units, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in construction, real estate, interior design, and more.

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