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TACTIX Plastic Rack With 9 Organizers

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TACTIX Plastic Rack with 9 Organizers, a versatile storage solution designed to help you stay organized. With its modular system and customizable compartments, this rack provides flexibility and adaptability to accommodate your changing storage needs. Here are the key features of the TACTIX Plastic Rack with 9 Organizers:

Size and Design: The rack measures 37.8 W x 15.2 D x 32 H cm, providing ample space for organizing your tools, small parts, or other items. Its compact design allows for easy placement on a workbench, shelf, or wall.

Modular System: The rack is part of a modular system, meaning it can expand and grow with your storage needs. You can connect multiple units together, either vertically or horizontally, to create a larger storage solution that suits your requirements.

Interlocking Function: The units can be easily interlocked, allowing for a secure and stable connection between multiple racks. This ensures that your storage system remains stable and doesn't topple over, even when expanded.

Wall-Mountable: The rack is designed to be wall-mountable, providing you with the option to save space and keep your work area clear. The necessary mounting hardware is included, making installation a breeze.

9 Organizers with Customizable Compartments: The rack comes with 9 organizers, each equipped with compartments to store and separate your items. These organizers are removable and feature 2 customizable compartments, allowing you to adjust the size of the compartments based on your storage needs.

Versatile Usage: The TACTIX Plastic Rack with 9 Organizers is suitable for a wide range of applications, including workshops, garages, craft rooms, and more. It can be used to store and organize tools, hardware, art supplies, sewing accessories, or any other small items you need to keep tidy and accessible.

Stay organized and maximize your storage space with the TACTIX Plastic Rack with 9 Organizers. Its modular design, interlocking function, wall-mountability, and customizable compartments make it a practical and versatile storage solution. Keep your tools and small items neatly arranged and easily accessible with this efficient rack.

Size: 37.8 W x 15.2 D x 32 H cm (14-7/8 x 6 x 12-1/2 in.)

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